Thermal Coatings

Thermal spraying is a cost-effective method for enhancing surface properties. We support all common thermal spray methods, with options to suit your surfacing and all other application requirements, such as the size of your run, the scale of your part, environmental concerns, and portability needs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Combustion Wire Spray
  • Combustion Powder Spray
  • Electric Arc Wire Spray
  • High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Spray
  • Plasma Spray

Metalizing is an alternative coating for metal and concrete structures such as bridges, structural for industrial plants, process piping (including under insulation) and immersion services such as vessel internals.

Metalizing may be applied by an arc or flame spray application in which the metal (usually in wire form) is melted and propelled onto the structure surface. The metal coating generally consists of a zinc or aluminum alloy or combination of the two. The metal coatings can provide a barrier coat, cathodic protection, abrasion and heat resistance. Metalizing generally has a long life offering 20 to 40+ years of service depending on application and intended service.

We offer both flame and arc spray applications at our shop facility or in field operations. Sheth Metallizing Works was the first contractor to apply metalizing in Western India.