Bahrain Project – Bahrain Petroleum Company

We have successfully completed this project for surface preparation, coating and linings on structures and tank farm. The Bahrain Petroleum Company had a limited time bound expansion project which involved 5000 Tons of material. With our skilled people and supervision we achieved the target in 8 months for completion of this project.

Atul Ltd

Atul Ltd’s annual shutdown required application of Surface preparation and Thermal coating with Copper Spray on their bleaching plant. SGI has been successfully accomplished this project every year with a long term relationship.

Neotech project pvt ltd

SGI effectively completed Surface preparation and Thermal coatings of Conveyor systems to provide best in class Zinc spray coatings. Around 45,000 Sq. Ft. of work was achieved as per our best quality standards.

Excel Industries

Whether its equipment, structures or finished modules, we have provided our quality service for blasting & painting for more than 200,000 Sq. Ft. at Excel Industries.